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Vacuum feed gas chlorinators
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Gas chlorinator
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Gas chlorinators
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Chlorine Leak
Absorption System
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Our Products and Services

Gas Chlorinators:
Gas Chlorinators from 100 Gms/Hr to 250 Kgs/Hr [Vacuum Feed or Gravity Feed Type, Cylinder Mounted, Frame / Wall / Floor Mounted Cabinet Models in Manual or Automatic operating mode]. Specially Tailor-Made, Skid Mounted Systems can be provided for ease in Erection and Commissioning. We can also provide Containerised Chlorination Plant [fully assembled].

Evaporator Systems for Chlorine, Sulphur Dioxide, or Ammonia [Steam Heated (capacity upto1000 Kgs/Hr, higher capacity can be provided on request) or Electrically Heated (capacity upto 300 Kgs/Hr)].

Brine Based. Capacity: 15 Gms/Hr to 600 Gms/Hr. [Batch or Continuous Production Models].
Brine or Seawater Based for Capacity: 500 Gms/Hr to 375 Kgs/Hr. [we provide Continuous Production Models – incolloboration with our foreign Principle.]

Sodium Hypochlorite dosing systems.

Bleaching Powder or Calcium Hypochlorite Dosing Systems.

Chlorine Dioxide Generators and Dosing Systems on a Turnkey Basis. [both two pumps and three pumps method]

Auto Chlorine Toner leak Detection & Absorption System:
Comprehensive Chlorine Tonner Leak Absorption System. [Auto Chlorine Tonner Leak Absorption System (ACTLAS) or Scrubbing System]. Both Ton Containers leak evacuation and neutralization or the evacuation of leak in Chlorination Ton Containers Room / Chlorination Plant Room and neutralization of the same, can be designed and implemented on Turnkey basis. Types of Scrubbers available are Single Stage 1000kgs/Hr or 1000 Kgs/15 min, Single Stage-Venturi Type, Three Stage Venturi Wet Scrubber Type of any capacity of leak rate, as desired by the customer can be designed and supplied.

Chlorine Tonner Leak Neutralisation System [sparged in Alkali Pit or Tank Diffused] can also be provided for lesser number of chlorine tonners handling and for smaller capacity systems. Ventilation Fans can also be provided.

Chlorine tonners storage and handling systems:
Tonner Roller Supports [Trunnions], Lifting Beam with Adjustable Hooks, Load Indicator or Dynamometer, Crane Type Digital Weigh Scale, Manual Chain Pulley Blocks with Push-Pull or Geared Trolley, Electric Hoists and Electric or Manual Trolley (2T/3T/5T), Electronic Single or Dual Platform Type weigh scale [with Load Cell -2T/3T/5T] etc.

Chlorine safety equipment:
Chlorine Tonner Emergency Kit [Type-B] / Cylinder Leak Emergency Kit [Type-A], Additional/ Auxiliary Tonner Valves, Chlorine Gas Leak Detector with one or two sensors or four sensors, Self Contained Air Breathing Apparatus [SCBA], Positive Airline Breathing Apparatus with Cylinders, Hose and Portable Trolley, Portable Air Compressor to fill Air Cylinders, Emergency Eye wash and Shower, Gas Mask with Cannister, Air Reusitator, Windsock, Weather Cock, Moisture Absorbing Bottles, Ammonia Torch , Full face mask and PVC Suit, Gloves, Boots, First Aid Kit, Display Boards, Safety Equipment Storage Cabinets etc.

Chlorine testing and monitoring equipment:
Free Residual Chlorine [FRC] Analysers and Controllers, pH analyser and controllers, pH meters, Oxidation Reduction Potential [ORP] Analysers and Controllers, Mass Flowmeters, Chloroscope, Manual Chlorine Test Kit, Comparators, Reagents etc.

Chlorine gas leak detectors with one or two sensors or four sensors and alarms/hooters. Calibration Kit, Battery back-up, Chart Recorders, Linear 4-20mA signals can also be provided optionally.

Carbon Dioxide Tanks, Cylinders, Vaporizers and Dosing Systems Package which is used in pH Correction of Water and for aerating soft drinks etc.

Complete Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals Dosing Systems Package ensuring desired water parameters as required by the Client. [Organic Polymers Dosing, Organaphosphates Dosing, Sulphuric Acid Dosing, CO2 Dosing, Biocide Dosing etc].

Odour Control Systems and Containerised Effluent Treatment Plants.

All FRP Fabrication and Installation works. [FRP Pipes, Tanks, Vessels, Lining etc.]

Supply of Spares, Servicing, Revamping of any capacity, type, model of Chlorination System and Accessories.

Operation and Maintenance, Annual Maintenance of Chlorination Plants, Water Treatment Plants.

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