Chlorine is universally accepted for combating slime and algae better than any other chemical. The most important aspect of chlorine usage is its economy and effectiveness in killing bio-organisms. Other uses of chlorine include control of H2S and Odor, fly control, sludge bulking and foaming control, ammonia oxidation, BOD reduction, disinfection,bleaching etc.

Chlorinator is a device to provide a continuous and constant supply of metered chlorine in the safest possible manner. Chlorinators find application in Drinking Water Treatment, Cooling Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Bleaching, Pharmaceutical formulations and other industrial applications. Depending upon the mode of operation Gas Chlorinators are classified into two types namely Vacuum-Feed Gas Chlorinator and Gravity Feed Gas Chlorinator.

The Industries that benefit includes Chemicals and Fer tilizers, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Power Stations, Steel Plants, Cement Plants, Pharmaceuticals Industries, Pesticide Industries, Food Industries, Textiles, Paper and Pulp Industries, Sugar Plants, Municipalities, Corporations, Townships, Water Boards, Theme Parks, Hotels, Apartment Complexes, Aquaculture Units etc.

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