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Electro Chlorinators
Electro chlorinator
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Electro Chlorinators
Electrochlorination is a simple and proven technology to convert ordinary salt water [or brine or seawater] into Sodium Hypochlorite by means of Electrolysis. It is produced and applied on -site. The device which uses this technology is named as Electro Chlorinator or Onsite Hypo Generator.

Sodium Hypochlorite is universally accepted for combating slime, algae and other Bio-organisms in Water. The most important aspect of Sodium Hypochlorite usage is its economy effectiveness in killing bio organisms thereby disinfecting water. Electro Chlorinators find application where Chlorine is not readily available or where operation with chlorine is not acceptable. Electro Chlorinators therefore, find application in Drinking Water Treatment, Cooling Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Bleaching, Pharmaceutical formulations and other industrial applications.

The Industries that benefit includes Chemicals & Fertilizers, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Power Stations, Steel Plants, Cement Plants, Pharmaceutical Industries, Pesticide Industries, Food Industries, Dairy Industries, Textiles, Paper & Pulp Industries, Sugar Plants, Municipalities, Corporations, Townships, Water Boards, Theme Parks, Hotels, Apartment Complexes, Aqua culture Units, Bottling Plants, Swimming Pools, Hospitals etc.

PERFECT CHLORO SYSTEM markets a wide range of Chlorination Equipments and related accessories to cater to this requirement.

Depending upon the mode of operation, Electro Chlorinators are classified into two types namely Batch Production Electro Chlorinators with capacity from 15 gms / hr to 500 gms/hr and Continuous Production Electro Chlorinators with capacity ranging from 15 gms/hr to 15 kgs /hr.

Batch Production Electro Chlorinators
Batch production Electro Chlorinators are designed for small capacities and are available from 15 gms/hr to capacity of 500 gms/hr chlorine equivalent, using our unique Multimetallic Oxides Titanium Nobel Anodes and Electrochemical Process. Production of Sodium Hypochlorite is completed in a batch of every 8 hours, to concentration of around 6-8 gms/litre.

Basic System Components:
Electrolyser Cell, Rectifier, Storage Tank and Dosing Pump.
Electro gas chlorinators


A metered amount of water is mixed with common salt to form brine of required concentration [or Seawater is used]. This is the electrolyte used in the process. Electrolyser Cells are dipped in this measured quantity of Brine Solution, contained in a specially made FRP Tank [Bisphenol Resin]. These cells are connected to a rectifier, which converts Alternate current to Direct current. When DC Current passes through these Titanium Anodes with MMO Coating, Sodium Hypochlorite evolves instantaneously with negligible quantities of hydrogen rising up to the surface, which is vented out. This process is based on the chemistry of Electrolysis of Sodium Chloride. The Sodium Hypochlorite thus generated is collected in a storage Tank and applied directly or pumped to the point of application.

Technical Specifications

Model of Production                                Batch of 8 Hours
Capacity (Chlorine output in Gms/Hr)
Number of Electrolyser Cells
Hypo Strength
6-10gms / litre
Salt Consumption per batch
2.25 kgs
4.5 kgs
9 kgs
13.5 kgs
22. kgs
Power Consumption
per kg of Chlorine eqv.produced (appox)
4.0 Kwh
Water treated water
75 Litres
150 Litres
300 Litres
450 Litres
750 Litres
Max treated water
at 1 ppm FRC dosage per batch of 8 hours
400 m3
800 m3
1200 m3
2400 m3
4000 m3
AC Input
230V, I Phase or 440 III Phase 50Hz, 15 amps AC Supply
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Continuous Production Electro Chlorinators
Continuous Production Electro Chlorinators are On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite [Hypo] Generator designed for small / medium / large capacities.

Continuous Production Electro Chlorinators are capable of producing from 500 gms/hr to 15Kgs/hr active chlorine using our unique Multimetallic Oxides Coated, Titanium Nobel Anodes and Electrochemical Process. Brine solution passes through an Online Electrolyser with inbuilt heat exchanger pack.

Electro gas chlorinators
This is connected to a DC Rectifier.When low voltage DC is passed through the Electrolyser Cell, Sodium Hypochlorite solution to concentration of 6-8 gms/litre approx. is evolved continuously. This can be stored in a Storage Tank and pumped / used at required rates.

Basic System Components:
Brine Solution Storage Tank/ Sea Water Tank, Brine/Seawater Pump, Electrolyser with inbuilt composite FRP Heat Exchanger or Chiller Plant, DC Rectifier, Hypo Storage Tank, necessary Instrumentation, pipes and fittings, and Dosing Pump and accessories.

A metered amount of water is mixed with common salt to form brine of required concentration (or Seawater is used). This is the electrolyte used in the process. This electrolyte is pumped to Electrolyser cells, when DC Current passes through these Titanium Anodes with special MMO Coating, Sodium Hypochlorite solution to concentration of 8 gms/litre approx. evolves continuously and this is collected in Hypo Storage Tank and applied directly or pumped to the point of application at required rates. To maintain the temperature at correct levels, prevent dissipation and get correct concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite output, Brine/ seawater is cooled through a chiller or heat exchanger.

Technical Specifications
Mode of Production Continous, Online
Capacity [Chlorine output per hour] 500 gms/hr
Hypo strength 6-8 gms / litre
Salt Consumption per kg of available Chlorine 5.7 kgs
Power Consumption per Kg of available Chlorine 4.5 kwh (appox)
Water Consumption 85 litres per hour
Max treated water at 1 ppm dosage per hour 500 m3
AC Input 440V, Three Phase, 50 Hz, 15 amps AC Supply
Note :
The above Tehnical Specification is for 500 Gms / Hr Electro Chlorinator. Specifications for other higher capacities can be provided, on your Engquiry. Each Electro Chlorinator and its Accessories is Tailor-made as per specifice Client's requirements.

No hazardous gas to store or handle. Concentration of 0.8% is classified as non-hazardous chemical, although a strong disinfectant.
Easy to operate and Maintain:
Very little operator training is required.
Field proven :
This technology is proven and time tested.
Lifecycle Service:
Assured after sales support by very responsive and responsible team.
Customized System:
Available in wide range of capacities and models and can be customized to suit individual customer's needs.
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